Screamer PCIe Squirrel
  • Screamer PCIe Squirrel
  • Screamer PCIe Squirrel
  • Screamer PCIe Squirrel
  • Screamer PCIe Squirrel

Screamer PCIe Squirrel


Screamer PCIe Squirrel with a Low-Profile form factor and PCIe x1 connectivity designed for DMA (Direct Memory Access) attacks over PCI Express.

The board is officially supported by PCILeech and comes pre-flashed with PCILeech FPGA gateware.

Our JtagSerial cable is no longer needed for gateware updates, just connect through the USB update port !

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Why a new version ?

  • Due to the worldwide ship shortage we had to replace some of the components and make a new design.

What are the main differences with the previous Screamer version ?

  • PCIe x1: PCILeech FPGA uses only PCIe x1, so there is no performance impact compared to our previous PCIe x4 version, and the board size is reduced.
  • Same FPGA but different package/pinout: Make sure to use the PCILeech bitstream made for the Squirrel.
  • Integrated JTAG via a secondary USB-C connector: avoids the need for an external JTAG cable when upgrading PCILeech.


  • Data port: USB-C (FT601 USB 3.1 Gen 1)
  • Update port: USB-C (FT2232 USB 2 Integrated JTAG + Serial)
  • PCIe x1
  • PCIe Low-Profile

Box content:

  • Screamer PCIe Squirrel
  • USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable
  • USB-C to USB 3.1 Type-A Adapter
  • Low-Profile Bracket
  • Full-Length Bracket
  • Screws

PCIe is the main high speed way of communicating between a processor and its peripherals. It is used in PC (also encapsulated in Thunderbolt) and now even in mobile phones. Doing security research on a PCIe system is complex because it requires expensive tools that are not that common when packet generation is needed. Screamer provides a such tool at a reasonable price.


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