Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)
  • Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)
  • Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)
  • Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)
  • Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)

Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)


Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04) with a Low-Profile form factor and PCIe x4 connectivity. Compatible with Screamer M.2 gateware/software.

!Limited edition! Only 100 boards available (November 18th)! Due to the worldwide chip shortage and lack of FT601 chips (USB3 connectivity), we have been able to produce only a small batch of Screamer.

What are the differences with Screamer M.2 USB-C (R04) ?

  • M.2 connector is replaced with a PCIe connector. No need for M.2 -> PCIe adapter boards.
  • Same FPGA schematics/pinout.
  • Existing software and gateware made for the Screamer M.2 are fully compatible with this new PCIe version.
  • Horizontal USB-C connector, reachable through the bracket.


  • USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1)
  • PCIe x4
  • PCIe Low-Profile (68.90mm height x 79.20mm length)

Box content:

  • Screamer PCIe USB-C (R04)
  • USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable
  • USB-C to USB 3.1 Type-A Adapter
  • Low-Profile Bracket
  • Full-Length Bracket

Screamer is officially supported by PCILeech. (Use the same gateware as M.2)

PCIe is the main high speed way of communicating between a processor and its peripherals. It is used in PC (also encapsulated in Thunderbolt) and now even in mobile phones. Doing security research on a PCIe system is complex because it requires expensive tools (>$50k) and such tools are not that common when packet generation is needed. Screamer provides a such tool at a more reasonable price.

The board comes pre-flashed with PCILeech gateware. We recommend you to get the JtagSerial pack in order to reprogram it or update it to newer versions.

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